Connect with your heart, finding your internal strength, inner child and deep power.

If you sense shadows of trauma from the past, big or small, the Soul Connection Method can effectively help you dive down to the source. 99% of people who have taken part in our courses have been able to establish what we call soul contact in their very first session.

Open up your inner story, your soul truth

During this course you will dive into the world of your own subconscious. You will open the blocks of your life or some matters you need to deal with, inside and out. Your subconscious knows exactly what you should do and in what order.

“Wow. This course is very effective. More than I could have ever even imagined.” – Feedback from a 40-year-old woman

“The course is really recommended. It gave me faith and hope for healing and it created a new connection between my unconscious and conscious mind.”

– Woman, 45 years old
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“At first I thought that the course was somehow a hoax, but it turned out to be real science and physiology.”

– Woman, 41 years old

“The Soul Connection Method has been a valuable support and a key to blocks that I couldn’t enter before.”

– Woman, 23 years

This 6-day course is easy to follow. You’ll receive…

Video material

Written material

Audio material


You’ll receive all course materials in a systematic order so that your experience is as easy and full as possible.


You need to give yourself a safe environment and a relaxed, trouble-free atmosphere to get the most out of this experience.


This course is like deep diving in a way. You’ll dive into the world of your own subconscious and start opening the blocks of your life.

Nothing to loose but a whole new life to gain!

This course is very simple and doesn’t take much for your effort, but it may bring you more than you have ever imagined. So, go full in and give yourself a permission to get as much as possible from this. I’ve seen and heard huge results from people, but they all have had something in common. They haven’t quit. They have continued and decided to go on with this process.

The story behind the method

To make a long story short, my childhood was a real mess. Growing up with dysfunctional, alcoholic and violent people gives you cuts. Deep ones. I looked for help with various therapies. It was clear that our unconscious mind knows exactly what we need, but I couldn’t find a good process to help me get started on the powerful journey involved. So I started creating a method myself, a tool that others too could use for contacting the unconscious mind or inner child, tapping into that wisdom at the core of the soul. With this process, I’ve been able to unburden myself of unconscious traumas that were weighing me down, strongly affecting my adult life and wellbeing.